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DJ Haruna Barbie


“I only do what I love, but it always leads to results

- How did you launch your own fashion brand?

When I graduated college about 4 years ago, I was doing my OPT and was pondering about my future. That's when someone suggested me to start my own business. I always loved fashion, but I never studied it or anything, so I didn't think I could make something out of it. But I didn't want to let the offer go to waste, so I decided to launch “United Couture.” Through this experience, I discovered what I wanted to do. I let go “United Couture” and started a new brand called “Spoildy.”

- What kind of brand is “Spoildy”?

United Couture was POP, LA style brand targeting girls in their early 20s. On the other hand, Spoildy is designed for a bit older crowds. I make clothes that are high quality and have a little bit of edge. I'm targeting ladies who used to enjoy street fashion or Gyaru fashion (Japanese street fashion), but now want something a bit more mature. Many people wear different genres of clothes lately. So I hope my brand can be enjoyed by girls and women of all ages. I didn't study fashion, so I just send my design ideas to factories in China and Bangladesh, and make a tweak on clothing samples. I enjoy the process of seeing my idea come alive.

- How did you get into DJing?

I got an opportunity to work with a DJ booking agency through SNS. I mainly play EDM, but sometimes play trap or techno depending on the event or the audience. I taught myself how to DJ. Similar to fashion, I always loved music and frequently went to night clubs, so the transition was pretty natural. I have many DJ friends and they just told me to “give it a try” and I could actually manage to spin well LOL. Also, I saw myself DJing in my dream, and thought “it might be fun.” I don't really have a set DJing schedule. Sometimes I don't play one single gig in a month, but other times, I get booked twice a week. DJing is very valuable to me because DJing gives me opportunities to meet a lot of people and to travel overseas. Last year, I was invited to play at Milan Fashion Week.

- Could you describe your DJing style?

My DJing style is called Open Format. I play different genres of music so I can be flexible depending on events. For bigger events, I choose popular songs like TOP 40 so that everyone can have a good time. The best part of being a DJ is when people compliment you or the crowds get wild with the music you spin.

- You are a fashion designer and a DJ. Those are two different industries. Which one would you like to focus on more in the future?

I get bored easily. So I believe having two different types of jobs suit well with my personality. I also believe collaboration of different genres creates a synergy. Basically, I only do what I love, but it always leads to results. I always say “I only want to do what I'm passionate about.”

- You have almost 50,000 followers on Instagram. Have you ever got a business opportunity through social media?

Most of the projects I'm currently working on came from networks through Instagram. The number of my followers gradually increased. It's not because something special happened. I consider Instagram as a branding tool. So I don't upload random photos for the sake of just posting. I analyze old photos to see which one had the most likes and get creative with my captions. But to me, SNS is not a pain at all. I really enjoy it. It definitely is an influential tool. As for Spoildy, I usually receive orders for the clothes I wore in photos. Clothes used to sell when they were featured in a magazine. This standard has been changing. Now, clothes sell more if someone influential wears it and posts the photo on Instagram. Also, my online shop is now available in English, so I can finally take orders from English speaking customers. Since my store is opening soon, I plan on working more in Japan. But I hope to expand my business in the U.S. and other countries.

- Any advice for readers who are looking for careers they can be passionate about?

I never thought I would end up working in the careers I do now. In my case, people around me helped me to get where I am today. I used to be very active and go out every day LOL. But this brought me the connections I have now. You have to be active and social in businesses such as entertainment and fashion. Networking is really the key to success in those industries. I think you will be blessed with good chance if you always seek to meet new people with hope that the encounter might lead you somewhere.


From Tokyo. After graduating from college in Los Angeles, she launched her own fashion brand called “United Couture.” This experience taught her many important lessons. After letting go “United Couture” last year, she started her new brand “Spoildy” and currently oversees the project as a designer and a director. Also takes an active part in the music industry and tours all over the world as a popular DJ.

Instagram: @harunabarbiegirl

Soundcloud: @djbarbiegirl

Tumblr: greedy-greedy-greedy