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How long were you searching for a job?

about 2-3 weeks.

What was the main reason you were looking for a job?

- the previous job I had was seasonal, so when the term ended I needed to search for a job.

What type of job were you mainly searching for?

- anything that I had experience with such as customer service, sales, etc... something that I was comfortable with.

Out of many job posts what got your attention for this particular job?

- The shop itself had a JOBOT poster that caught my eye. It said "We are hiring through JOBOT"! so I immediately contacted through the site.

How is the present job so far?

it's going good! It's fun and I'm learning a lot. It's a different culture from my experience, too.

Were there anything particular you were careful of during the interview?

No not particularly. I was in a relaxed state.

Any comment for other job searchers out there?

it's a good website for job hunting because they immediately respond to you (unlike other job search sites that I've used).

There are many shops that have JOBOT stickers and posters. Check it out!

■ Job posting that she've got hired: