#1217 Logistics Operator



We are currently seeking a English/Japanese Bilingual Logistics Operator for our client based in the Los Angeles area. This company is one of the leading Japanese forwarder / logistics company, specializing in air cargo & courier operator, and publications distributor etc.

This position offers a great opportunity to join a company, industry, and movement that are all experiencing exceptional growth.

Type of employment: 正社員 / Full Time
Language: English 日本語
Job Description: 【Responsibilities and Duties】
・Perform the day-to-day business which includes receipts, storing, picking, packing and shipping tasks at the required.
・Receives all materials into the warehouse (checks for damages prior to receiving), and attaches identification labels to materials and marks information on boxes as required, enters receipts into log books/computer, as required.
・Stages requisitions, attaches labels and hang tags and relocates material to designated staging area.
・Maintains inventory records on manual/computer system.
・Coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs, schedule transport and drivers as needed.
・Updates and keeps track of all changes to transportation needs with continuous communication with travel, project managers, and additional departments.
・Follow written directions consistently and without deviation from product spec sheet.
・Perform other duties as assigned
Job Location: Los Angeles, CA
Work hours: 12:00pm-9:00pm(Monday/Wednesday) 1:00pm-10:00pm(Tuesday/Thursday/Friday)
Salary: $30K/year
Holidays/Vacation: National Holiday, Weekends
Job Requirements: 【Requirements】
・Must be able to communicate fluently in Japanese
・Must have valid a driver’s license
・Experience in Logistics industry is a big plus
・Must have the ability to frequently lift / carry products weighing approximately 70lbs.
Benefits: ・Benefit: Competitive employee benefits package (Insurance, 401k, Sick Leave, Paid Vacation etc)

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