Type of employment: 正社員 / Full Time パート・アルバイト / Part Time
Number of hires: 1
Language: English 日本語
Job Description: MARKETING/SNS:
Our perfect candidate has experience with developing and leading the marketing strategy for in-house artists and their associated consumer brands, over all forms of media including, but not limited to: Various SNS accounts, brand websites, music streaming sites, online news sites, associated blog sites, monthly magazines, etc.

The primary goals are to maximize visibility and increase user engagement through measurable practices and consistent messaging. If you're creative, forward thinking, and will not stop until you get results, you will do very well.

You never know what you’ll be doing day to day in the entertainment business, and we know that kind of job is not right for everyone, so we want to be clear up front. You (like the rest of our team) will often have to do mundane things, and lots of research, but other times you will be challenged to learn new things and manage various projects both in the US and with our team in Japan. You will need to embrace this part of the job, and hopefully enjoy the randomness and flexibility.

Ideally You:
- Enjoy being organized, working on different projects at the same time, keeping accurate notes so nothing is forgotten, and most of all, getting results.
- Have a clean driving record and are comfortable safely driving clients in the company minivan (A super cool Toyota Sienna).
- Have a sense of humor, embrace challenges, and a strong desire to prove what you are capable of given the right environment.
Job Location: Palos Verdes Estates
Work hours: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Salary: $36,000/yr
Salary Detail: The position will start at the trial salary of $36,000.00 for one year, but will be eligible for a significant pay raise upon successful completion of the first year.
Job Requirements: - Fluent in Japanese (speak & write), conversational English

- Please send a cover letter, in English, outlining why you think you are the best person for this position, and why you think you are ready for the challenge.
- Please send your resume in English and Japanese (two separate documents).
- Please indicate in your cover letter what prefectures in Japan, and what states in the US you have been to previously (it's a detail oriented job!).