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JOBOT is mobile device friendly :)
We live in an era where most of us search for jobs on our mobile devices.


According to article that came out in 2014 on the Forbes magazine, 83% of job seekers look for jobs on their smart devices. Those statistics are still rising and by choosing JOBOT, a mobile optimized platform for job posting, you’re able to reach a wider pool of people.

Q. Job search done on mobile devices?

In fact, 45% of job seekers have used smart phones and devices to apply for jobs, which means job sites that are not optimized for mobile devices will lose the opportunity to draw eligible candidates (according to research conducted in 2014).

English & Japanese Bilingual website

With JOBOT, you can find English-Japanese bilingual employees across the US. There is no need to pay for multiple websites, one stop at JOBOT is sufficient and efficient.


Designed with usability in mind.
An optimal search experience.

An easily viewable site means no stress or hassle when job searching. An enhanced search bar is another great feature that helps match the job seeker with the right job post. By making the search result visible, it prevents your job post from being buried under others.

High hiring rate

“We had a lot of applicants contacting us through Craigslist, but it’s painstaking to screen all the applications.” JOBOT’s membership based system has the tendency to attract more serious applicants, which statistically turns out a higher hiring rate (based on JOBOT’s own conducted research).



  • Case : Ultra Tokyo Connection
    On the first day of their post (9/19/2015), they received 16 applications, and a total of 28 within the 2 weeks of job posting. They found and hired their candidate from this applicant list.
  • Case : Shoki Ramen
    During their posting period, there were 24 kitchen staff, 44 servers, and 3 manager candidates that applied. They hired several from the applicants.
  • Case : JPy
    They posted multiple positions for 1 month which yielded many applicants including the 11 applicants for the translator position. They have hired several, counting the applicants for the other positions as well.


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