What is JOBOT?

Notification through email, when you have a job matching your request. A Japanese/English bilingual job search website centering around California. JOBOT provides job information mainly to Japanese residents in the United States, Japanese Americans,  Japanese who live in Japan but have desire to work in the United States, or American bilinguals.
No more missing out by not knowing! By using our mobile-site, you can search for your dream job any where and anytime from your smartphone (mobile app is coming soon!). Just login through our secure site, and easily send out your saved resume and apply with the touch of a button.  Expect a faster reply from your next job!
We deliver information that is useful for all employment. Besides job classifieds, there are many useful information regarding work in the United States.  JOBOT is a great research tool for those working first time over seas to those wanting to challenge in a new field!